About Us

Poweyourrun-Because life should not stop.

 Everything fits − naturally. You can feel this insole is right for your sport! Take your personal performance to the next level, with Natural Performance Insoles by Poweryourrun. 

Know Your Feet

Everyone's feet are different and often our own feet differ from right to left. Poweryourrun foot analysis identifies your foot type while Poweryourrun Custom Insoles are individually moulded to your unique feet to support them in a neutral position aiding a balanced stance and correct posture.

Designed with Your Health & Comfort in Mind

An independent research by the University of Jyväskylä Finland and University Salzburg Austria confirms that Poweryourrun 100% Custom Insoles have the potential to prevent injuries. #Poweryourrun-because life should not stop

Pain relief

We know foot pain and discomfort can stop you from walking, running, working, standing, or whatever you need to do. Poweryourrun is here to help you find relief for a variety of issue from plantar fasciitis, back pain, hammer toes, bunions, cracked heels, toenail fungus and more!

Our story

We all care about our health and want to enhance our performance. That is why we have created a solution that supports our daily lifestyles and overall well-being.

  The result being the best performance enhancing orthotic insoles on the planet. The focus is these key principles; foot and joint alignment, injury preventive support, cushioning, self-molding customization.

We at POWERYOURRUN have developed all of our own proprietary blends of materials that are specially formulated with all the characteristics we need for support, comfort, and alignment.


But we’re not only here for the professionals. Everyone can benefit from our expertise and technology, whether they need us for injury protection, pain-relief or increased performance.Because we spend much of our time walking on hard ground, rather than grass and soft soil, when we walk our bodies are having to absorb more impact than we have evolved to do. This has a dramatic impact on our joints and bodies causing foot, knee, hip and back pain. However by wearing Poweryourrun insoles you’re now walking on a fluid which absorbs much of this shock and provides immediate relief to the vast majority of people.