New Insoles and What You Should Know

Did you know that sometimes there is more to just sticking your insole in to your shoe? Whether you have worn insoles before or you are new to the whole experience, here is some great information on how to use your new insoles, caring for them, and how often you should replace your insole
Most insoles can be spot cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and mild detergent. Make sure to let them air dry as heat from the dryer can damage them. Do not let them soak or absorb too much water.

When they dry and you see that there are still a couple of areas that did not come out completely clean, you can always go back over with an old toothbrush and some more mild detergent, lightly rubbing the soiled areas.

If you have a smelly insole Sof Sole makes a great product called the Fresh Fogger. This spray not only deodorizes, but it will tackle and destroy tough odors!

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